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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ooooh! New Things!

A few weeks ago I bought something. It's just a little something and now I say to myself, "How did I ever live without this?" Ladies and gents, you need a silicone coated whisk. I have used it so many times since I bought it that I literally am not sure how I got anything done before.

Now, Miss Mixer shops in a variety of locations. Usually, I am shopping for a bargain. I suspect you already know this about me, no? Well, I often buy things at the store that hits you like a bullseye. Bargains galore there. But, sometimes you need to step it up. For those occasions there is nothing like the one and only, Crate and Barrel. Seriously, get yourself to C&B. Sure, it's not like they have magical elves inventing and building each and every item there. They aggregate all the best stuff from the best people. And, man are they some great aggregators. There's stuff you can't find anywhere else (melamine citrus reamer, anyone?!), and some you could get elsewhere (Bullseye!), but the shopping experience can't be beat no matter what you get. And what you need to get is a SILICONE WHISK.

I have used it to make brownies, jambalaya, creamy citrus pasta with spinach, chicken pot pie, cornbread, chicken piccata, Jacques Torres cookies, and, I think you get the idea. You can scrape down the sides of bowls, whisk in a hot, non-stick pan. It is amazing. And delicious.

Congratulations on your new whisk!


  1. Hey, wait a second...I posted a comment here last night! What happened? Anyhoo, I was just saying how I love a product recommendation, and I was all suspicious of C&B because I too am a bargain hunter, and I was about to tell you that I would just wait to find one at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but then I did actually click your link and see that they are only $4.95. I guess that's worth it for COOKING BLISS.

  2. Yooooooo hoooooooo! Where did Miss Mixer go?